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Enterprise Business Intelligence Analysis has never been easier! With the ElegantJ BI Business Intelligence and Performance Management solutions, your organisation can meet every information, data and analytical need with simplicity and affordability. Our custom, ad hoc, reporting environment is easy-to-use and our wizard features provide a step-by-step, drag and drop process that allows you to create professional, precise, custom environments and analysis in minutes.

ElegantJ BI cubes turn disparate data sources and information into valuable business intelligence. Users can leverage our flexible, powerful, Cross-Tab OLAP

Analysis Tool to easily and readily analyse business opportunity and make prompt, effective business decisions. ElegantJ BI OLAP technology provides pivot table and OLAP analysis to any user, via a browser-based environment – accessible from anywhere, at anytime!

Cross-Tab OLAP Analysis Tool offers a 360° view of your business to provide objective metrics and measurements to quickly and easily determine how your organisation, department, division or team is doing and whether they are achieving goals and plan numbers. Seamless integration with data extraction and cube management features, and ad-hoc queries and BI reporting ensures that you are able to take full advantage of business intelligence with a complete, detailed, clarified view of corporate performance.

Our time series features enable your users to automatically sort and view data by year, quarter, month, week, day, hour, minutes or seconds. The ElegantJ BI forecasting and predictive analysis features allow your users to leverage historical, integrated data from multiple enterprise systems to build a forecast for pricing, budgeting, products, competitive landscape or any one of a number of other strategic, tactical and operational forecasts, thereby improving the planning process for the enterprise.

With the ElegantJ BI Cross-Tab OLAP Analysis Tool, users can engage in multi-dimensional cross-tab analysis, on modeled cubes to explore large volumes of summarized business intelligence data in seconds. They can easily filter data, change business intelligence report layouts, add charts, and perform calculations on-the-fly as is most relevant to their needs, all within a browser-based environment!

Unlike other BI tools, the ElegantJ Cross-Tab OLAP Analysis Tool requires no technical knowledge or knowledge of algorithms or statistics. Implementation is fast and easy and our tools require little training. Your business users can easily create their own cross-tab analysis using simple drag and drop features, in a browser-based, self-serve environment.

Cross-Tab OLAP Analysis Tool

Every organisation needs a dynamic enterprise analysis environment that can produce summary, detail, graphics and charts, and reports with ease, perhaps even in different languages. You need a reporting environment that can provide complex OLAP functionality without overwhelming your users with a complicated user interface, or user instructions or programming or scripting activities. This OLAP, reporting environment must integrate information from various enterprise systems and sources and provide precise, cross-tab or tabular, professional reports quickly and without technical assistance. You can have all of this today! The ElegantJ BI Cross-Tab OLAP Analysis Tool can satisfy all of your reporting needs – and more!

ElegantJ BI OLAP Analysis Tool delivers your web-based business intelligence reports and OLAP capability to everyone in your organisation, without complex training or knowledge! With our BI Cross-Tab OLAP Analysis Tool, you can summarize your performance metrics, or operational data and slice and dice data, drill through, drill up and drill down from a multidimensional cube, to give your users clear information with just the right amount of detail and enable fast, accurate analysis. Users can quickly determine the source of a problem or explore the success of a regional sales plan. ElegantJ BI Cross-Tab OLAP Analysis Tool allows every user to create dynamic, customised reports to meet any need and to display results in a way that is meaningful to their role and to find the information they need and analyse it quickly; producing professional, timely output to measure performance and adapt to the changing market environment.

ElegantJ BI Cross-Tab OLAP BI Analysis Tool – Benefits at a Glance

  • Offers improved agility and business outcomes through proactive, dynamic analysis
  • Enables results-oriented, accurate decisions using current, integrated, concise information
  • Provides a browser-based, self-service ad hoc environment for every type of business need
  • Offers simple, affordable, intuitive enterprise-wide reporting that can be personalised for different business users
  • Enables analysis of past performance and predicts future opportunities in a timely fashion to stay abreast of the market
  • Increases resource utilization, availability and productivity for performance optimisation
  • Requires minimal training and implementation time
  • Provides quick and easy consolidation of reports with features to support dynamic, interactive analysis
  • Provides flexible licensing options to support on premises or hosted, Software as a Service (SaaS) implementation.

Key Features of the ElegantJ BI Business Intelligence Cross-Tab OLAP BI Analysis Tool

Interactive, Insightful Business Intelligence Analysis – ElegantJ BI Cross-Tab OLAP Analysis Tool provides interactive, insightful cross tab OLAP analysis, including pivot table analysis, with slice and dice, drill up, drill down and drill through options. It provides ultimate flexibility with unlimited combinations of possible views of data, and information from different perspectives, for a more balanced view of your business.

Powerful Automatic Time Series – ElegantJ BI OLAP Analysis Tool features include an automatic time series function. Business users can create and analyse reports and views by week, month, quarter, or year, with clear, concise displays of trends and results. Users can drill down to display results by year, quarter, month, week, day, hour, and even by minute or second to analyse results.

Powerful Forecasting and Predictive Analysis – Using historical data, integrated from enterprise systems and other sources, business users can forecast future results and trends for strategic, tactical and operational planning. You can forecast pricing trends, product sales, budgets and financial results with ease!

Robust Analytical Features – ElegantJ BI OLAP Analysis Tool provides the user with many analytical features, e.g., slice and dice, drill down, drill through, sort, rank, filter, page filter, custom measures, custom dimensions, spot lighters, grouping and others. These features are simple to use and every business user can leverage the power of these analytical options, without assistance from technical programmers or experts.

Seamless Integration of Query, Business Intelligence Analysis and Reports – The ElegantJ BI Cross-Tab OLAP Analysis Tool is a zero-footprint. Browser-based interface with seamless integration of query, cross tab analysis, pivot table analysis, automatic graph generation from cross-tab views, and reporting, bringing the power of OLAP to every user across your organisation. There is no software to install on desktops, and implementation is swift, simple, practical and affordable.

Quick and Simple, Enterprise-Wide Adoption – Business analysis is an important factor of a successful strategy and ensures that changes to strategy, processes and resources are made quickly and effectively to improve results and market response. ElegantJ BI Cross-Tab OLAP Analysis Tool is easy and intuitive for all users and enables every business user to create and maintain views of business intelligence and to effectively analyse data and create reports without depending on IT professionals or experts. This solution will transform your business users into knowledge workers, and allow them to quickly create cubes, perform dynamic cross tab OLAP analysis, including pivot table analysis, and generate any type of business reports with just a few clicks.


Dynamic, Accessible Data – ElegantJ BI makes it simple to find, filter and manipulate views for business intelligence and corporate performance management and to present it in a meaningful way to satisfy business requirements for every user, role and function. When combined with our data extraction and cube Management capabilities, the ElegantJ BI Cross-Tab OLAP Analysis Tool enables quick, dynamic access to data and information from various sources. You can publish web-based enterprise reports on an automated basis to ensure that your users and team members will receive timely, accurate information to support the goals and tasks for which they are responsible. With powerful on-the-fly customisation and intuitive features, your users can sort, filter and display results in cross-tab and graphs.

Cross-Tab OLAP Analysis Tool - Features at a Glance

  • Dynamic analysis design
  • Interactive, easy-to-use analysis design wizard
  • Easy to use drag and drop outer liner layer and outer interface to support four dimensional analysis through dynamic cross tabs
  • Multiple page dimension filters
  • Runtime retrieval parameter on loading OLAP analysis
  • Drill-up, drill-down to higher or lower levels of dimension
  • Drill-through
  • Many data operations with new operations added to the solution frequently
  • Create graphical view of analysis
  • User defined row and column with powerful expression building
  • Numerous summary operations with frequent upgrades to add additional operations to the solution: Suppress rows and columns with all zero values
  • Spot lighters with colour or text-based spot lighters to highlight cells
  • Sorting rows and columns ascending, descending or based on data values
  • Ranking of rows and columns according to Top 5, Top 10, etc.
  • Filtering: On loading data from cube, on front end, advanced expressions
  • Show/hide row and column values
  • Easy-to-use options to show all columns / rows, exclude unwanted columns / rows and show a particular column / row only
  • Group and ungroup selected rows and columns
  • Value mapping for user friendly display of data
  • Access to central cube repository objects like Custom Measure, Custom Dimension Values, Spot Lighter, Data Value – Display Value Mapping
  • Time Series filtering with absolute, relative and range criteria.
  • Cell notes and table notes with private or public option
  • Comprehensive cell formatting with resizing and renaming
  • Sharing and Publishing
  • Exports: PDF, CSV, XML, JPEG, XLS
  • Sharing and publishing: design, publish and schedule delivery of analyses to selected users through Publishing and Delivery agent

If you need a rich, intuitive cross-tab OLAP BI analysis environment, coupled with robust BI and CPM features, we encourage you to contact us today to discuss your unique requirements and get started with the ElegantJ BI solution suite. Email us at sales@ElegantJBI.com

The Power of ElegantJ BI is at Your Fingertips with BI for Mobile Devices

Mobile Business Intelligence Tool

The ElegantJ BI Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management suite is compatible with all popular Smart Phones and tablets including iPad and iPhone as well as Android Smart Phones and tablets. Your team members can use a Smart Phone or tablet to access the complete suite of Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management modules and leverage our powerful features, including personalized, intuitive dashboards, exception alerts, KPI Monitoring, Analytics, graphical mining and reporting.

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Cross-Tab OLAP Analysis Tool

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