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Integrating critical business data from multiple enterprise sources, systems and databases, and deriving intelligence out of these disparate data sources, is easier than you might think! With Business Intelligence and Performance Management solution, the ElegantJ BI suite is simple to use, practical to implement and affordable for every organisation. It is designed to meet every need. Our solution is easy to implement and provides a simple solution to integrate disparate data sources and present intuitive, custom views in a browser-based environment that is easy to use and requires minimal user training. ElegantJ BI Business Intelligence Tools deliver meaningful information to all users and presents reliable, accurate information in a personalised

environment for enterprise reporting, automated email report delivery, BI analysis and business dashboards. There is no need for expensive, complex systems or extensive integration.

In the information era, the volume of available data is overwhelming! In a business environment, enterprise data sources might include data warehouses, data marts, ERP, best-of-breed applications, CRM and many other operational systems and data bases, spreadsheets and legacy solutions . Making sense of this data overload is a formidable task, especially if the organisation has no meaningful way to integrate and filter this data for analysis.

Business Intelligence Tool - Dashboards

With these Business Intelligence Tools, you can produce personalised, meaningful reports and analyse data integrated from various enterprise systems and do so with ease and simplicity. ElegantJ BI solutions are simple, practical and affordable for every budget and every user. We offer flexible licensing and implementation with on premises and hosted, Software as a Service (SaaS) options to ensure that your BI experience is worry-free and easy to use and leverage.

Users can operate in a self-serve environment, with minimal training and view and produce cross-tab, graphs, dashboards and reports to meet their needs without waiting for the assistance of a programmer and with complete confidence in the data they view and the decisions they make. Your users can automate publication and delivery of these reports via email, thereby improving productivity and efficiency at all levels – strategic, operational and tactical. Your users will receive the right information at the right time!

ElegantJ BI Module Summary

KPI Dashboards – ElegantJ BI dashboards can provide a customized snapshot of daily operations, and assist the user in identifying problems and the source of those problems, as well as providing valuable, up-to-date information about financial results, sales and other critical information – all in one place! Learn More

Key Performance Indicators – ElegantJ BI provides simplified KPI management and tracking with powerful features, formulae and expressions, and flexible frequency, and threshold levels. This module enables clear, concise definition and tracking of performance indicators for a period, and measures performance as compared to a previous period. Intuitive, color highlighters ensure that users can see these indicators in a clear manner and accurately present information to management and team members. Users can further analyse performance with easy-to-use features like drill down, drill through, slice and dice and graphical data mining. Learn More

Forecasting and Predictive Analysis – Our predictive analysis uses historical product, sales, pricing, financial, budget and other data, and forecasts the measures with numerous time series options, e.g., year, quarter, month, week, day, hour or even second to improve your planning process. Learn More

What If, Sensitivity Analysis – The What If Module allows users to see the impact of a prospective change to a product, service, resource allocation, budget, project schedule, pricing, raw material cost, labour cost, or other factors and compare that change to other options to ensure they have considered the impact resulting from each option. Users can select the appropriate option and predict and document results to plan for long-term and short-term results and for necessary resources, training, funding and competitive response and achieve meaningful and confident planning across the organisation. Learn More

Cross-Tab OLAP Analysis – Cross-tab OLAP analytics offers a 360 degree view of your business, seamless integration with data extraction and cube management features, and ad-hoc queries and BI reporting so you can take full advantage of Business Intelligence with a clear view of corporate performance and the ability to slice and dice data, drill down, drill up and drill through to find the most relevant information. Learn More

Graphical OLAP – Graphical BI OLAP technology makes it easy for your users to find, filter and analyse data, going beyond numbers, and allowing users to visualize the information with eye-catching, stunning displays, and valuable indicators and gauges, charts, and a variety of graph types from which to choose. Learn More

Exception Reporting and Alerts – Exception reporting allows users to define threshold points and monitor Key Performance Indicators and metrics, and receive alerts to notify them when exception conditions occur. Users have the ability to set, modify and delete alerts based on specific thresholds. Learn More

Reports – ElegantJ BI Reports delivers your web-based BI reports to anyone (or everyone) in your organisation within minutes! ElegantJ BI is simple to use, practical to implement and affordable for every organization. With our BI reporting and performance reporting module, you just point-and-click and drag-and-drop and you can instantly create a report to summarize your performance metrics, or operational data. Learn More

Publishing and Delivery Agent – The ElegantJ BI publishing and delivery agent is designed to meet every need and to ensure that every business user has the information they need. BI objects, reports, cross-tab, graphs or dashboards can automatically be delivered to help them stay abreast of issues, opportunities, financials, sales and other metrics. You have access to critical information whether you are on the road or in the office, and you will see this information in a form and view that is meaningful to you, on a schedule you define. Learn More

Data Extraction, Data Transformation, Cube Management – Our BI data extraction, data transformation and data management solution provides the foundation for your organisation to extract, load and transform (ETL) data using an intuitive, graphical interface, through a unified, powerful browser-based platform. Learn More

Balanced Scorecards – The Balanced Scorecard is at the heart of the ElegantJ BI Corporate Performance Management solution. ElegantJ BI Balanced Scorecards include strategy maps, perspectives, objectives and measures and metrics all designed to present an holistic view of performance at every level of the organization. Users can view data from a specific perspective to analyse finance, customers, processes and learning and growth results. Robust impact and sensitivity analysis enables smart decisions about strategic, tactical and operational activities and ensures business success. Learn More

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ElegantJ BI Introduction

View BI Video - ElegantJ BI Introduction

Know more about the most comprehensive, innovative, integrated Business Intelligence Tool, ElegantJ BI. It allows key decision makers to gain an advantage in the competitive market to harness the advantage of changes, achieve corporate objectives, and make fast and better decisions. ElegantJ BI's unifying balanced scorecards, analytics, dynamic reporting and business intelligence on an integrated, state-of-the-art lightweight architecture makes it a powerful strategic tool; that provides rich, complete BI functionality directly to the web browser.

KPI Dashboards

BI Tool - Business Intelligence Dashboards

Our dashboards provide a customized snapshot of operations, and help the user identify problems and the source of those problems, and they provide valuable, up-to-date information about financial results, sales and other critical information – all in one place! Users can customize views and analyze information at the strategic, tactical and operational level.

What IF Sensitivity Analysis

What If Sensitivity Analysis Tool

ElegantJ BI What If Analysis module utilizes integrated data and powerful OLAP, graphical and dashboard features to clearly and accurately illustrate the business results of a prospective market entry, a potential change in pricing, impact on profit margins, break even schedules or an expansion of products or services.