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Every business user needs to have access to up-to-date, relevant data! If this data is to improve productivity and increase the effectiveness of business decisions and process changes, it must be presented in a way that is meaningful to the user. With ElegantJ BI, every organisation can enable end-users, managers and executives to create and use personalized Dashboard Software and present data in summary and detail form with immediate, dependable results.

ElegantJ BI Dashboard Software can provide a customized snapshot of daily operations, and assist the user in identifying problems and the source of those problems, as well as providing valuable, up-to-date information

about financial results, sales and other critical information – all in one place! Users can leverage ElegantJ BI Dashboard Software to customise views and analyse information at the strategic, tactical and operational level.

Dashboard Software provides a unified view of key performance metrics, graphical analysis and business reports in a truly interactive environment. ElegantJ BI dashboards provide critical metrics to track business performance and help users to answer critical business questions and adapt to the changing market quickly and with confidence in every decision.

Our web-based ElegantJ BI dashboard is easy to implement, and it is simple, practical and affordable to use. It requires minimal training, so your return on investment (ROI) will begin immediately and your total cost of ownership (TCO) will be minimized. The dashboard module provides interactive dashboard software, so employees and executives can monitor and measure and share metrics instantly and view critical business information from anywhere within or outside the office environs, at anytime. Our dashboard solution is the simplest, most convenient way to access critical performance across the enterprise.

What if you could create a personalised, intelligent environment to enable your team to access critical information with ease and simplicity? Your end-users could operate in a self-serve environment, with minimal training and access the right information to meet their needs without waiting for the assistance of a programmer. Your users could automate publication and delivery of information via email, thereby improving productivity and ensuring that information reaches the right people at the right time.

If you need improved Business Intelligence and a simple, accessible method by which to gather and analyse information, you owe it to yourself to consider the ElegantJ BI's Dashboard Software.

Business Intelligence KPI Dashboards

Consider the challenges faced by Jon Wethersby, Financial Controller of an organisation in the U.K. This CFO must stay abreast of business results and track budgeted vs. actual expenses to be sure the budget allocation is in sync. Like most organisations, this enterprise has multiple departments and budgets so the task of tracking this information can be burdensome. However, if the information is not simple to retrieve and analyse, Jon will lose precious time in recognizing issues and making appropriate changes. Jon must also make frequent presentations and provide critical business results and information to other executives. This process can take a lot of time. Jon must request reports from multiple sources and have a staff member merge these results into a report and presentation format. By the time the information reaches the board room, it is aged and irrelevant!

Does this sound familiar to you? There is a solution for Jon…and for your organisation! Jon is now using the ElegantJ BI dashboard module. His organisation chose the Software as a Service (SaaS) hosted solution so Jon’s team enjoys worry-free maintenance, support and browser-based access to ElegantJ BI dashboard features. Jon can now view an intuitive, consolidated budget, define thresholds and appropriate data highlights and can filter and merge any views by department, branch and line of business. When he notices an issue or exception, he can drill down into the data and find the root cause; then send relevant information to managers and quickly resolve the issue. He can use simple delivery and publishing agent to receive a weekly budget snap shot via email. Once Jon recognized the value, and ease of use of the ElegantJ BI dashboard module, he decided to add access for all of his regional financial staff. Using Dashboard Software personalised for each user, the financial team can customise views and organise information in a way that is meaningful to their role and will enhance and simplify the decision making process and the ability to quickly find and assess a problem.

If your organisation is struggling to incorporate business data from multiple systems, data bases and sources; if you are spending precious business time, missing market opportunities and using incomplete or incorrect data to make decisions – we encourage you to contact us today to discuss the benefits of the ElegantJ BI and our Business Intelligence suite.

ElegantJ BI Dashboards – Benefits at a Glance

  • Monitor business results and perform intuitive, swift analysis using one simple dashboard environment
  • Access and distribute business intelligence information from anywhere, at anytime using our browser-based, secured solution
  • Improve business responsiveness to emerging issues before problems escalate
  • Improve the accuracy of business decisions and the strategic alignment of the organisation
  • Allocate appropriate resources to respond to performance and productivity issues in a timely manner
  • Achieve greater visibility through consolidated data management across the entire organisation
  • Distribute timely, accurate reports and analysis to appropriate team members
  • Reduce implementation costs and training time using simple, intuitive solutions
  • Enable personalization of data presentation to address individual user needs
  • Ensure appropriate security and user access rights
  • Quick and easy consolidation and presentation of data sources with features to support dynamic, interactive analysis
  • Automated, scheduled delivery of reports anytime, anywhere via interactive browser
  • Simple, affordable and practical to implement and use
  • Flexible licensing and implementation options include on premises implementation as well as Software as a Service (SaaS) hosted implementation.

Key Features of the ElegantJ BI - Dashboard Software

Unified View of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) – The ElegantJ BI dashboard solution gives each user a graphical snap shot of defined key performance indicators (KPIs) and results. With a unified view of Dashboard Software for critical performance measures, everyone in the organisation receives timely intelligence to drive day-to-day, tactical, operational, and strategic decisions and improve corporate performance and productivity.

Personalised AccessElegantJ BI enables users to create their own Business Intelligence Dashboards with personalised format, data and presentation. Your users do not need to adjust their business processes and activities to accommodate a ‘one size fits all’ environment. Every user can see and filter the data they need to achieve optimum performance and anticipate issues that require attention. With critical role-based access your users see only the information that is pertinent to them, and there is no need to sort through extraneous data or to worry about inappropriate access to proprietary or secured information.

Elegant, Professional, Customizable Dashboard Software and Views – Our templates and custom objects are stunning, intuitive, and professional and can easily be used to create presentations and reports. ElegantJ BI dashboards are designed with a rich set of graphs, gauges and cross-tab presentations. Users can choose the most relevant object type, and easily configure the dashboard to create a professional, personsalised snap shot using highlights, color and graphs to create a more meaningful data display and user experience.

Powerful Drill-Down Capabilities – The ElegantJ BI dashboard is a self-contained, self-serve environment that enables a user to see summary data and to drill down to view and analyse important details and determine the root cause of a problem, analyse trends and produce reports for review by other users.

Dynamic, Accessible Data – ElegantJ BI makes it simple to find, filter and manipulate business intelligence and corporate performance management and to present it in a meaningful way to satisfy business requirements for every user, role and function. When combined with our Data Extraction and Cube Management capabilities, ELegantJ BI enables quick, dynamic, browser-based access to data and information from various sources.

Simple, ‘No Programming’ Environment – Using ElegantJ BI, business users can create a personalised view and integrate data for analysis without training or knowledge of technical tools, or the assistance of critical IT resources or experts.

BI Tool and Solution Integration – The ElegantJ BI dashboard tool provides a simple environment within which users can integrate data from various enterprise systems. Our unified, integrated Dashboard Software provide the foundation to leverage all data and intelligence without the high cost of implementation and integration services and with minimal training. Your IT team can spend time on more critical issues and users can quickly and easily acquire, filter and analyse information in a self-service environment. Total cost of ownership (TCO) is thereby decreased, and return on investment (ROI) is swift and impressive.

Features at a Glance

  • Readily available, easy-to-use, predefined dashboard templates to create custom views
  • Simple, drag and drop, interactive building blocks
  • Quick views and analysis throughout
  • Easily customised, stunning, professional charts and objects with appealing formats and templates
  • Link to any other objects
  • Ranking of rows and columns
  • Drill down and roll-up up any graphs from within dashboard
  • Time series filtering with absolute, relative range criteria
  • Quick filtering using hierarchical tree view
  • Brochure quality printing with all page setting and printing options
  • Export to PDF, JPEG
  • Delivery, publishing and sharing that enables design, publishing and schedule delivery of business intelligence dashboards to selected users through publishing and delivery agent

If you need a rich, intuitive, easy-to-learn, personalised environment, coupled with robust BI and CPM features, we encourage you to contact us today to discuss your unique requirements and get started with the ElegantJ BI solution suite. Email us at sales@ElegantJBI.com

The Power of ElegantJ BI is at Your Fingertips with BI for Mobile Devices

Mobile Business Intelligence Tool

The ElegantJ BI Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management suite is compatible with all popular Smart Phones and tablets including iPad and iPhone as well as Android Smart Phones and tablets. Your team members can use a Smart Phone or tablet to access the complete suite of Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management modules and leverage our powerful features, including personalized, intuitive KPI dashboards, exception alerts, KPI Monitoring, Analytics, graphical mining and reporting.

Business Intelligence Videos

Interactive KPI Dashboards

BI Dashboards

Browse through our online video library to learn more about ElegantJ BI solutions. You will find valuable information about BI and how it can help you to be more productive and efficient, and the various ways in which our solutions can help you to achieve true BI. Explore the powerful world of Business Intelligence and find out how we can help you achieve your vision and stay on target to business success!

KPI Monitoring

Key Performance Indicators Monitoring

ElegantJ BI allows you to establish Key Performance Indicators and critical metrics and reporting alerts to notify the user, either when a KPI crosses a pre-defined threshold, or when specific events occur. These alerts can be delivered via email, with embedded links to BI objects like KPI dashboards, cross tab, graphs or reports. The alert feature allows users to set up simple and complex thresholds to ensure prompt corrective action.

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