Flexible Cube Management – Real-Time or Cached Options

ElegantJ BI – Cube Management, Not Rocket Science anymoreIntegrating critical business data from multiple enterprise sources, systems and databases is easier than you might think! ElegantJ BI data extraction and cube management tools integrate disparate data sources and present intuitive, custom views in a browser-based environment that is easy to use and requires minimal user training.

ElegantJ BI cube management tools give users the freedom to work with either real time data or cached data. The cube engine enables connection to disparate data sources such as databases, CSV files and MDX data sources like Microsoft® SSAS and SAP® BW cubes, so users can derive data for deep dive analytics and make swift, confident, meaningful decisions that will benefit the enterprise, and its customers, partners and stakeholders.

Cached Data and Cube Management
Cached cube management caches data into cubes and performs pre-aggregation and other computations for superior performance and analytics, refreshing data from data sources at a defined frequency. This option can be used when real-time data is not required, and where the timeliness of data can be addressed and managed through scheduled updates of cubes from data sources.

Real Time Data and Cube Management
Real-time cube management enables users to connect to data sources in real time, and compiles the data for fast performance to deliver real time analytics to users.

Conquer Time and Manage Opportunities, Issues, Trends, and Patterns

While the pace of change is more rapid than ever, the typical analytical tools do not allow for equally swift analysis and business decisions. Real Time Cube Management provides crucial benefits to businesses trying to compete in a rapidly changing business landscape. Consider the number of events happening right now!
A customer may be visiting your store or your website and making buying decisions that you need to understand.
There may be a security breach in your business.
There may be a trending story about your company or your industry.
You may be running short of inventory at a time when customers want to buy a particular item.
Businesses must reach to real time events but, without real time analysis, the business team is helpless to capitalize on opportunities or address challenges or issues.

Whether your users choose cached or real-time cube management, the ElegantJ BI cube management technology presents intuitive, custom views in a browser-based environment that is easy to use and requires minimal user training so users can easily manage, organize, filter and analyze information from multiple data sources, transactional applications or any other legacy system.

Our ElegantJ BI Business Intelligence Data Extraction, Data Transformation and Data Management solution provides the foundation for your organization to extract, load and transform (ETL) data using an intuitive, graphical interface, and a unified, powerful browser-based platform.

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